SWV is UNDEFEATED | Rockit's Top 5

🗨️ The title of this blog says it all. If you want to debate me, drop your who and why in the comments.

🗨️ I've always enjoyed SWV's music, but it wasn't until I got older that I realized how unique SWV truly is.. Everything they did was GOLD.🥇

Lemme start this off with everyone's favorite SWV track. And if this first drop isn't your favorite, let me know in the comments! 

SWV - Rain (Official Video)

🗨️ I guess there's no point to this blog unless I rank these tracks huh? For the sake of "anyone can just upload some SWV..". 

This is gonna be tough though..🤔

SWV got too much sauce.. and I love pasta.

🗨️ [2] SWV - Weak (Official HD Video)

🗨️ [3] SWV - Right Here (Human Nature Radio Mix - Official Video)

🗨️ [4] SWV - Can We ft. Missy Elliot

🗨️ [5] SWV - Anything (Official Video)
🗨️ Honorable Mention: SWV - I'm So Into You (Official Video)

🗨️ How yall feel about my Top 5 SWV tracks? 

Respectable list? 

Am I wildin?😅

What'd I miss???


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