The Future of Video Game Graphics:15 Reasons Why Our Body Is Ready

In this age of rapidly-advancing technology, there are so many fields where the future’s looking brighter than ever. Thankfully, gaming is right at the heart of the revolution, benefiting from advances in artificial intelligence, computing, automation, the cloud, and myriad other areas. Let’s have a look here at 15 more reasons to look forward to the future of gaming!

15. Cloud Streaming 
What does this mean? High quality gaming readily available anywhere; platform irrelevant.

14. Console Quality Mobile Hardware 
As mobile devices become more powerful(some already more powerful than the PS3), we'll have even higher quality games in the palm of our hands.

13.Next-Gen Hair & Fur Rendering.. 
Jungle Book remake?.. Lion King remake?.. cmon..

12. RTX Ray Tracing 
Photo realistic lighting..

11. AI based Upscaling 
Away with the old output-limited temporal reconstruction, checker-boarding, dynamic resolution scaling solutions. Now, AI will be taught to render games in the highest graphic fidelity possible.

10. Next-Gen Anti-Aliasing
Again with the help of specified AI; no more differed renderers feeding us jagged edges. Smooth sailing all around.

09. 8k Displays 
Well you've heard of, or have a 4k screen.. this is 8.. EIGHT!!!

08. Virtual Reality 
Its like reality.. but virtual.

07. The Future of Foliage Rendering 
Better grass.. Immersion.

06. Procedural Generation 
The future includes not only procedurally generated random objects, but NPC dialog & incidental objects. Endless possibilities.

05. AI Based Animation 
Mapping of an artists desired outcomes to character models, etc.

04. Advances in Cloud Rendering 
Better clouds.. Immersion.

03. Physics Based Particles 
No more disappearing debris from those explosions because the hardware cant handle all the bits..

02. Augmented Reality 
Its like reality.. but augmented.

01. "Breaking Past the Uncanny Valley"
Photo-realism is on the horizon, but the tiny details of life continue to make the task challenging. Sucks to not be God I guess? 

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