The final season will premiere in April 2019

After fans waited patiently for nearly a year and a half after Season 7 for news of Season 8's arrival, HBO announced that the final installment of the series will premiere in April 2019. The programming giant shared a dramatic teaser trailer in November 2018 illustrating everything the lead characters have endured before next season’s impending battle to end all battles, followed by the highly anticipated release date. Below is an overview of how Season 1 may mirror what's to come in the final 2 seasons..

Season 8 will only have six episodes

As far back as April 2016, Benioff and Weiss teased plans for a shorter final season. In an effort to manage the added pressure of creating more original content (the show has far outpaced author George R.R. Martin's source material), the showrunners divvied up GoT's final lap with seven episodes for Season 7 and six for 8. That way they could keep their standards high and deliver quality episodes for fans.. 

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