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"Paragon was a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena game developed and published by Epic Games. Powered by their own Unreal Engine 4, the game started pay-to-play early access in March 2016, and free-to-play access to its open beta started in February 2017. Epic Games shut down its servers on April 27, 2018."

The first time I was introduced to Paragon was while watching MWN aka The Black Hokage's channel on Youtube. He'd have PC beta gameplay of Paragon runnin as b-roll. The game always intrigued me, but it being on PC is what kept me away. It wasn't until Epic Games released the Paragon beta on PS4 that I became a true believer.. 

League of Legends introduced me to the MOBA genre, and Smite showed me the action MOBA possibilities.. but Paragon took it all to another level. I've never been a graphics whore, but Paragon was the best looking free-to-play game I had ever seen. Not only that, the sound was amazing & the gameplay was top notch. The only issues the majority of players and I ever had with the game was the balancing.. and that wasn't a huge problem, but balancing is a core element to creating a competitive MOBA. Balancing issues in addition to the dev team clearly losing their vision is ultimately what killed Paragon. All of that, and the massive success of Fortnite..

Below is an in depth look at the Death of Paragon.. 

Death of a Game: Paragon 

Long story short from my salty perspective: Epic Games decided to cash out on Fortnite, instead of grind out Paragon..

I don't think Paragon needed to be scrapped.. but at least Epic Games allowed the game's soul to be revived by releasing all of the game's assets for FREE to unreal engine developers.. What that essentially means is that anyone with the ability and resources can now create a "Paragon 2"! And that's exactly what the team over at Metabuff studios is doing.

Paragon's cancellation felt like a break-up.. thought I would never see the wife again.. thought we'd never place overpowered ticking bomb hats on players' heads together again.. Below is an overview of my main chick in action.

Paragon - Hero Overview - Gadget

Thankfully, Paragon never actually died.. it just became CORE.

Core Proof of Concept- Episode 1
Core Presentation of Concept- HUD
This is an in depth description of how the HUD or heads up display was developed. In this video MetaBuff's Art Director Novol details all aspects of the HUD, and what you should be excited for with their conceptualization of in game information.

I'll be sure to keep you updated on the progress of this action MOBA.. but there's also another company co-leading the pack of new action MOBA's on the horizon.. They've decided to only use the ideas and concepts Paragon brought to the table to create their own action MOBA vision. more about them in the next blog..

Paragon beta Character Select Screen

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