NBA: The Year That MELO Dominated #FREEMELO

"While we may talk about Carmelo Anthony in a different way from back in his prime days, he is still one of the best over the last few decades. Shooting around 45% from the field in his career, and averaging 24 points per game is really something. He was the scoring champ back in 2012-2013, and is a six time all-NBA player. He was drafted third overall back in 2003, and had plenty of successful days in Syracuse. Melo’s time in the NBA is starting to dwindle away, and the battle between starting and moving to a bench role has been not the easiest of transitions for him, given he doesn’t want to do it."

Like Stephen Jackson said and I agree, Melo is being forced out..

You can't use "Carmelo doesn't play defense.." as an excuse when James Harden is on the same squad.😂 #FREEMELO

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